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20 SENSE: Carolyn Murphy, Model & Design Director

“We are not saving the world here, so be creative and be an artist in your own respect–there’s no need to be mean and holier than thou.” Talking to the lovely Carolyn Murphy about what she learned in her twenties that helped her grow into the woman she is today.

20 SENSE: Rebecca Taylor, Fashion Designer

“I always say that if you can’t get inspired in New York, you can’t get inspired anywhere.” Rebecca Taylor is one of the few designers who manages to tap into my girlier proclivities, and one who succeeds at designing for every shade and shape of woman. I jumped at the opportunity to pick her brain, and, not surprisingly, she’s as cool as I expected.

20 SENSE: Hillary Kerr, Cofounder of Who What Wear

“Maybe I have a lack of imagination when it comes to my own life, but I found just about everything in my twenties to be surprising. My career has been so much more fulfilling and exciting than I would have ever imagined.” Picking the brain of fashion-force-to-be-reckoned-with, Hillary Kerr, cofounder of Who What Wear, on what she learned throughout her twenties, the advice she has for us newbies, and how she would spend an ideal day in LA!

20 SENSE: Mark Bittman, Cookbook Author & Food Writer for NY Times

“Not to sound mystical but little of lasting importance is especially clear. Only details are clear, and they come and go.” Beyond thrilled to share this interview with my favorite food writer, Mark Bittman, who not only has a knack for making the most unappealing veggies seem delicious, but does not mince words or honesty when reflecting on his “twenties” and life at large.