Month: February 2014

On “Deconstructing Clean Notions of Girlhood”

Growing up ‘girl’ is not all tea parties and lavender scented day-of-the-week panties. It isn’t easy, or subtle, or clean—it isn’t in the realm of femininity in which we’ve been taught to remain. Though a new photography exhibit claims to be ‘disrupting’ these preconceived notions, I argue that it’s just caving to a similar strain.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week & A Mini Blog Break

So I’m taking a short break from the blog this week as outside work is overwhelming me, but I didn’t want the week to go by without mentioning that it’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Here, I’m re-sharing some of my writings on the subject of my anorexia and subsequent recovery, as well as the blogs I always referred to when I needed some extra guidance and support throughout that time.

EliteDaily, You Are Not the Voice of Our Generation

Trying to assign one lifestyle or worldview to an entire generation of people is bound to be faulty, but EliteDaily really wins the award for hitting the ball farthest out of the park. Actually, I’m not even sure they’re starting in the park—they’re somewhere far outside it, seemingly locked in the basements of their college frat house (a land where tales of Taylor Swift’s de-virginizer moonlight as worthwhile news).